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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is an indica cannabis strain native to the famous Hindu Kush mountain range, which straddles the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is recognized as the cradle of the best indica strains: large, abundant resinous buds produce this iconic bodily sedative effect that many consumers love.

Brought to the market for the first time by Dutch seed banks, this variety is the dream of all lovers of indicas. Afghan Kush produces the iconic “indica effect”, characterized by deep sedation and strong physical relaxation, making this strain just perfect for anyone who wants to unwind after a long and hard day. Because of its strong bodily effects, it is not quite the variety recommended for those who would like to remain productive; Afghan Kush is known to make those who eat it happy, lazy, and very, very hungry. The average THC content of this variety is around 17%.

The strong bodily effects of the Afghan Kush of course make it particularly interesting for medical consumers. Anyone looking for quick and effective pain relief should try this strain. Patients with insomnia or other sleep disorders also generally turn to this strain, as do those who are just looking to calm their stress down a bit.

Afghan Kush can boast of having unique aromatic profiles and flavors. They are dominated by woody and natural flavors and aromas, combined with subtle spices as well as herbal notes. Some consumers compare this taste to that of hashish, which is understandable given that Afghan Kush is traditionally used in the production of the traditional hash varieties Black Afghan and Charas.

Like its effects, the cultivation characteristics of this plant are typically indicas. You can expect medium-sized bushy plants, with close-together heads and large dark green leaves. These plants are known to grow strongly during their vegetative growth phase, usually taking the form of large bushes. Afghan Kush, like other Indica varieties, is renowned for its high yields, which can easily reach 550g / m² when grown indoors.

The buds of this variety are extremely resinous, thanks to a large coating of glazed trichomes. They usually have a dark green appearance as well as light touches of orange due to the many pistils.

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