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To put it simply, the generic name of cannabis wax includes any product obtained from flowers by an extraction process, that is to say separation of cannabinoids (but not only) from the plant matter of the plant. The result can take the form of an oil or a resin more or less concentrated in THC, CBD and a whole bunch of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Contrary to what one might think, the concentrates are not all concentrated in THC. Of course, this is usually the primary purpose of the concentrate, since the process achieves THC levels ranging from 80-90%, which is significantly higher than any weed head you might smoke ( the concentration of THC in a weed head can be up to 30% maximum). But there are now many concentrates devoid of THC and rich in non-psychoactive compounds like CBD.

How to get cannabis concentrate?

Far from the ancestral and natural techniques of hash and charas extraction, born in Persia and India, the current methods are much more sophisticated and often rely on scientific processes. As I mentioned above, there are today two main extraction techniques: with or without solvent. In other words, the separation of cannabinoids from the rest of the plant can be done either chemically, using solvents, or naturally, dry or with water (technically a solvent but not considered as such in the canna industry).

Solvent extraction

If you gas well in chemistry in high school, you should know that a solvent is a substance, often liquid, which dissolves or extracts other substances without them being chemically modified.

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