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Indian hemp (ssp. Indica ) has wider and shorter leaves, it is also smaller and more fertile than ssp. sativa, another hemp subspecies that gives a stronger and larger plant. The flowering time is also shorter for indica compared to sativa it is one of the reasons, with the modest size, which can push certain cultivators to choose it to cultivate it.

In terms of its use as a psychotropic drug, many consumers claim that it rather provides a “stoned” effect compared to Cannabis sativa. It is a more relaxing, relaxing, even soporific effect, rather than a “high” effect, more stimulating and cerebral, more associated with sativa.

These differences in effects may be due to the level of CBD which would be higher in the indica species than in the sativa. From a medical point of view, this CBD level would also explain why the indica species would be more suitable for treating for example muscle spasms, certain rheumatisms, insomnia, tremors (Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis) as well as anxiety .

However, some studies show that the cultivation of Cannabis Indica indoors (with chemical fertilizers and strong lamps), can reach a degree of toxicity due to these fertilizers whose toxic components arrive in the roots of the plant, then in its flowers.

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