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The Cannabis ( Cannabis L. ) is a kind botanical that collects annual plants of the family Cannabaceae. They are all plants originating from Central Asia or South Asia. The classification in this genre is still debated. According to the majority of authors, it contains a single species, cultivated hemp ( Cannabis sativa L.), sometimes subdivided into several subspecies, generally sativaindica, and ruderalis (syn.spontanea ), while others consider them to be simple varieties. Plants rich in fiber and poor in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) give ”  agricultural hemp  ” which grows in temperate countries, exploited for its by-products (fibers, seeds …) for various industrial uses, while ” Indian hemp ”   », Which grows in an equatorial climate, is on the contrary very rich in resin and exploited especially for its medical and psychotropic properties.

Many lines of cannabis are, moreover, obtained by hybridization between subspecies or varieties of the genus, by a selection of plants or by cuttings which makes it possible to clone them identically. Thus the plants are sorted according to the use that one wishes to make of it or the local legislation: quality of their fibers, richness in oil of their seeds ( hempseed ), their low rate of THC or, on the contrary, their high concentration of cannabinoids for medical or drug use.

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